A Clean Well Lighted Place (2014)

The cast of A Clean Well Lighted Place in a critical shot of the film--a collision of all the characters at once.

The first read through of the screenplay. With strict time constraints on set, rigorous rehearsal was critical.

The film was based on an Ernest Hemingway short story. Production took place in the spring of 2014 and the film was finished on budget in November. The cast and crew of A Clean Well Lighted Place was a mix of new and seasoned talent, students and professionals. The production team was ten dedicated people working late into the night, non-stop to give their best performances. Post-production required a lot of professional help. To get the desired result RFPs were managed, and a network of talent was developed.

Heist! (2014)

Strong framing in Heist!

Dramatic lighting, intricate set design, and strong framing characterize Heist!

Heist! is a comedic short film about two film-buffs stealing a valuable film print for not altogether clear reasons. Heist! proved to be a good study in lighting and framing, The film has a drastically different aesthetic from A Clean Well Lighted Place.

Ford Commercial (2013)

The commercial had a classical and comedic style--black and white footage and a jingle.

The set was congenial. The shoot was long for just a minute of finished film.

This Ford Commercial was made as part of their college ambassador challenge. Our team competed amongst other colleges. Social media was critical to our strategy. This commercial was judged second overall among a variety of submissions and first in creativity by a panel of judges.

Rachael (2012)

Jean-Paul Sartre dishes knowledge in this video essay.

Clips from numerous films dominate the video essay.

The medium of the film essay has become increasingly popular and important in recent years. This short is a first stab at the genre, adapted from a longer essay. There doesn't seem to be a better medium in which to discuss film that film itself. Rachael focuses on the women in films by Christopher Nolan.