The Dark Knight Review: Conclusions

Finally I’m going to call it quits on The Dark Knight critique. I’m really not sure there is too much more to be said, but I would like to take this moment to justify the work I’ve put into the review and the work of anyone who reads it before I recap and conclude. I didn’t start the fire here, it came to me. I see the critical reception on this movie, it’s through the roof. I see the box office draw this movie had, similarly inflated. It is an exciting movie, but if we are to maintain that it is among the best of the past five years, let alone of all time, we’d better be prepared to look into every aspect.

What’s more, I think that The Dark Knight tempts some fate by inciting that it is worth the trouble of long form critique while covering it’s tracks to make such critique very difficult. I worried that I was talking in circles (I did a little). I worried that I was wrong about everything I was saying about the movie (but I really don’t think that I am).

Here’s the deal. The Dark Knight isn’t going to try and deny that it is one of the greatest movies of all time, it’s going to climb as high as it can. It is specifically designed to do so. But since people didn’t seem to notice, it has some remarkable, egregious problems that truly great films really don’t have. There is a consideration and permanence about the best works of any art form, The Dark Knight simply doesn’t measure up. Neither does Christopher Nolan.

Movies don’t all need to be the same, but here’s some things that can only aid a movie; story and direction. The Dark Knight is weak in both departments despite is construction to cover up those gross shortcomings. In the hands of a real master, a cinematic genius, the majority of what makes up The Dark Knight festoons the work of craftsmen and auteurs.

Everything in this movie is covered up by Nolan’s ability to excite. Perhaps this is a reason to go to the movies, but it is not the reason that The Dark Knight wants to give. It wants to be “something more.” It isn’t. Without the narrative and cinematic qualities that I could value a movie for, there is little for such a work to offer me. The Dark Knight is oddly lack luster and soulless.

That is all. For now.