Top 100: Ratatouille and The Great Beauty

50. Ratatouille (2007)

Everyone loves Pixar films, especially the ones from which Pixar has fallen from the grace of you might say. Ratatouille is one of the true greats of the time Pixar was producing good films. It comes down to its visuals of course, this is such a beautiful film to look at. But that beautiful cinematic image is really the result of some real exacting, painstaking work put in by the animators to not settle for anything less than the best performances and the best imagery of any film possible. Ratatouille lives up to this adage about the best films being ones you can watch without the sound on.

49. The Great Beauty (2013)

I'll admit it, I really am a sucker for really pretty looking films. And The Great Beauty lives up to its name. It's bright and saturated and it's shot around Rome which is just shooting fish in a barrel for beautiful scenery of course. And this really is one of the most drop dead gorgeous films that's come out in the past few years. But The Great Beauty goes above and beyond by making use of some fairly new cinematic techniques while talking about growing old and how superficial much of the art-world is. It's remarkably fresh, dreamlike, and honest for a movie that is about growing old, disenchanted, and callous. Moreover, this is a movie that could have been cynical and thin itself (a fact it seems pretty self aware of) and comes out on top. The Great Beauty may show the most truth in beauty of any film from the past decade.