Top 100: Scorpio Rising and Drive

81. Scorpio Rising (1963)

This is a movie that sort of had a big influence on me in terms of what I realized could be done on screen. When you see Scorpio Rising you sort of get this weird nostalgic feeling, almost like you've been waiting half your life to finally see this movie. It's hard to capture in words, but this unexpected movie looks as you'd expect it to. It's iconic all around, playful with it's material and imagery. It's somehow both dark and irreverent. It's weird and experimental, it borrows imagery and sound, but has become iconic itself. And it might have the best soundtrack in film history.

80. Drive (2011)

For a time it seemed like Drive was increasingly going to be heralded as a classic of 2010s filmmaking. That's sort of been true, but as a film it's continued to be overshadowed by machinations in the industry. Basically I don't think that viewers should be distracted from how original and cool this misunderstood movie is. I still enjoy its perverse beauty and tense chases even as it continues to get buried by better films arriving later in the decade. This is still a prime example of what modern filmmaking looks like.