Letters to My Manager: Tips

It's not a good idea to send cash in the mail. But I made arrangements to have my tips sent to Chicago because I knew that would be something that might make living at home a little easier. Direct deposit was another item I had to set up last minute before leaving Minneapolis. All that could be done and was done in that week or so in March. In this text to my manager I acknowledged the importance of having those plans come through.

In 2015 I worked at the Mall of America (MOA) briefly. Work at the Mall is tough by the way, that work certainly aggravated me and moving to Starbucks at the top of 2016 was a relief. So I did those taxes which kind of closed the book on that period of my life.

It's safe to say that at this point I was actually feeling the support that I'd managed to secure--my family and my job. I'd lost the doctors and therapist I needed to make life understandable though. I made arrangements to get prescriptions transferred and filled in Chicago. Some of that process would've been going on as I mused about the job I was missing and did my taxes.