Letters to My Manager: Michigan Ave.

God only knows how many Starbucks there are on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. But there's one right across from the Art Institute of Chicago which, I guess I frequent. A lot of that has to do with the views which are great.

Texts Michigan .png

I think this was the point where many of the really practical issues of the day to day began to pass away. April 18, 2016 was a moment when I realized that checking in with my manager back in Minneapolis wasn't just practical, it was documentarian. Maybe this was because of all the Instagramming I wound up doing that day.

Maybe some of that had to do with jut how nice a day April 18, 2016 was in Chicago. It was clear skies, temperature was in the 70s, and the days were noticeably longer. And the days, not just longer than the previous month, longer than in Minneapolis. At some point Minnesota summer days edge themselves toward the midnight sun end of spectrum, but for now Chicago warmed me with Spring.

But it struck me, the places we stay and the seasons of the year occur to us as the periodic shifting of the new normal in our lives. So here was sudden peaceableness and a feeling my life was extending into these spaces of the world. I'll examine the beginning of those real stretches next week.