Letters to My Manager: Home

As part of a deal to hold down a job through my life being upended in spring 2016, I had to let my manager know what I what my plans and activities were during a leave of absence between March and June. In that time I traveled from Minneapolis to Chicago and from Chicago across Europe.

Every Monday I got in touch with my manager at a busy coffee shop in Minneapolis with my update. These dispatches, reproduced here with some editorial comments and my own notes on the daily and weekly activities, could be said to make up a travel log.

I texted my manager after a week of being home.

Texts Home.png

I don't remember a lot of that first week back home. Arriving home after a road trip comes with that feeling of taking the packaging off something new but familiar--you know what to do with your hands, say, but it just feels a little different. But I also know that I was decompressing at that moment.

That weird contrast of finding myself back home, decompressing, and also suddenly relieved of the past weeks must be the stasis I mention here. Suddenly I was at equilibrium and in the rhythms of my past. Biologically speaking we're just entities searching for homeostasis.