Long Weeks

So when I said that my schedule was going to be changing a little bit over the summer, and that I might not be as prolific as I'd like, and that I was going to have this other consistent writing schedule, I really couldn't have anticipated the end of July. Because it was nuts.

I guess it's only been three weeks since I was working through the end of my posts on black and white cinematography, but that's really the longest break I've taken on consistent creative output here. But the fact of the matter is that the last few weeks haven't been bad, just unbelievably busy. I'll get into all of that later.

The point is that I felt like I was white-knuckle driving through that last video essay. It was a really big undertaking, and I was allocating my time in a manner I liked but also somewhat unsustainably. Particularly as things in other areas of my life began to pick up, most notably being a barista, I turned my focus more exclusively at the things that don't get seen here.

But there hasn't been a dull moment. On the contrary, I've packed most of my weeks much tighter. In fact I took on more projects in a week than I ordinarily would. Frankly some of that mode of work is continuing in early August right now with one notable exception.

A lot of the starting point I had in July collapsed behind me as I took on these other projects. So I'm going to do a retrospective on my life in coffee over the next few weeks and talk about what I learned from that. I'll also, at some point, have some kind of follow up to my cinematography discussion and some of this will even become more of my professional life.