Pre-Visioning the Top 100

The amount of projects I have on my desk is very high right now. Some of the things I'm doing, public, private, professional, whatever are simply numerous at the moment. But it is September, and ever since I got back on the horse of writing a Top 100 movies list regularly, I'm really determined not to have another September lapse without a Top 100 coming out.

Normally, one of the most attractive parts of my Top 100 movies list is the essay that explains my methodology that year (which is usually harder to produce than the list itself). I've thought about laying that out in advance this year, but that's not what I'm really doing here. Instead I'm just going to mention the thought that I put into doing this thing I do every year as a way to a) kick the can down to road to next week, and b) to commit myself to making next week the week I put out a Top 100. So mark your calendars.

Something that's maybe unique about my Top 100 movie list is that it's sort of the result of careful consideration. It a product of thought and reflection as a way to get at the elusive truth of something rather than some system that could claim objectiveness but would cover up its bias. Is anyone really so surprised any more that IMDb places the movies it does so high on their Top 250? Not really. But they have some kind of platform, authority, and a bayesian system so that's it. My list has always contradicted that sort of thinking.

Without going down the rabbit hole of authority, authoritarian, democratic, and elitist, I really have to say at the very least I'm pretty much proud every time I do this dumb thing for exactly the fact that my list is reasoned. Maybe even my list is my reason, it speaks for itself with elocution lots of other things lack. This year is going to be no different. I'm really excited to put the kind of thought I regularly do into this thing and it's going to be even more interesting to discuss than to rank. Like this is just an interesting year for my thoughts on film although, as always, less so what I actually took in. But I get to think about such cool things, I think, and that's exciting.

It's also, and I really do have to say this, why writing my Top 100 is so hard. Like it really does require work, effort, hours of time to do this thing. Even when I'm phoning it in by not coming up with some elaborate presentation method (not that I'm against that exactly), just getting through the movies I set myself to consider is hard. It's time consuming. And maybe, although I don't usually think about this, the sort of headspace that I imagine myself as being in when I rank is probably a little draining.

If my ranking really is one person sort of divesting themselves, monkishly, of their taste and preferences and channeling their experiences out onto the page through Plato's Lens of objective values, that would be exhausting. But that's also really why I like having it done rather than hanging around. This sort of envisioning of my ranking is so cool for me to do. I couldn't not be excited. So I'm going to push through a lot of project work and polish off a list as soon as possible. Check it out soon!