Flat White Long Black: A Machine That Turns Coffee into Proofs

I didn't really develop a taste for coffee until college. Which makes sense, college is the kind of life situation where drinking coffee is the sort of thing you do regularly. As I've said, either out of utility or out of broad social forces. In college, for whatever reason, whatever pressure, that pushed the first cute sip, falls away into authenticity. I still enjoy tea in the morning, herbal tea at night, but I have a taste for coffee now and I drink more coffee than anything else. The performance is authentic, total, in taste, and regular.

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"Take Care" In Chicago Versus "Take It Easy" In Minneapolis

Before I left, this nearby meeting came to an end with the words “take care” and an ‘L’ train rumbling by. Right there with this bundle of things, people meeting, the train, the coffee, the smallest sense of the foreign in my hometown this weird thought comes to mind—“take care,” what the hell is “take care?”

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