Facets//Chief Blog Editor//Chicago, IL//2017-Present

A critical re-immersion into film. Facets is a leader in the country for media education, a huge part of that work involves work in writing and editing written and video materials. Developed Facets’ message online in newsletters, blogs, reviews, and descriptions on a streaming platform. Working closely with some of the most refined minds in media literacy requires research and being versed in complex topics. Taking editorial positions requires clarity about that information. Deadlines and project timelines are essential to meet and clearly define.

Cinematography Video Essays//Chicago, IL//2017-Present

Developed an understanding of cinematography as a semiotic medium. Outline project scope and topics. Improve skills in recording audio, editing HD video. Source and acquire assets from a variety of sources including libraries, archives, and online services. Delivers a superior and more intellectual essay than competitors.

If You Offered Me a Scotch and Plain Water...//Chicago, IL//2017

Worked with a documentarian approach. Outlined, wrote, sourced materials, recorded, and edited on a time sensitive topic. Developed a voice for future video essays. Committed to an editorial vision.

Pickwick Coffee Co.//Lead Barista//Chicago, IL//2017

Requires high standards of focus, quality, and creativity in addition to the typically fast paced service environment. Working at Pickwick has meant exceeding expectations, acquainting myself with a new cliental, and deepened an understanding of a niche consumer culture.

Starbucks//Barista//Minneapolis, MN//2016

Worked in an extremely diverse neighborhood with a significant immigrant population. Working at Starbucks introduced me to many of the best practices in management.

TEDxUMN//Videographer//Minneapolis, MN//2015

Coordinated with a group of event organizers, videographers, and presenters. Strong technical ability and an understanding of the material was required. Producing a superior documentation than previous student efforts had produced was a goal we more than surpassed.

Heist!//Writer, Director, Cinematographer//Minneapolis, MN//2014

Applied past production experience to a short comedic film. Arranged auditions and scheduled under a short production schedule. Refined skills in production design and cinematography. Directed actors and production assistants.

A Clean Well Lighted Place//Writer, Director, Editor//Minneapolis, MN//2014

Adapting this Hemingway short story was an ambitious undertaking and required work from conceptualization past the final cut. Production was completed on time and under budget. Managed a cast and crew of more than ten people. Arranged costumes, locations, auditions, rehearsals, equipment rentals, transportation, craft services, and production design. Wrote RFPs and collaborated with professionals on sound and color correction. Prepared and submitted materials for festivals. The most important learning experience to date involving every area of production.

Ford Commercial//Creative Director//Minneapolis, MN//2013

Conceived a campaign with a team under constraints for a college internship. Organized equipment rental. The finished product won second prize in a beauty contest.

University of Minnesota//Lab Attendant//Minneapolis, MN//2011-2013

Managed equipment checkout and troubleshooted problems in Final Cut and Avid for journalism students.

spout.com//Starred Reviewer//Chicago, IL//2007

Recognized by an online film reviewing community as a superior film communicator. Received screeners to produce reviews for upcoming and independent films on a deadline. Started creating content for spout.com before starting high school.


Writing, research, analytic, strategic, OSX, Windows, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Asana, task management, workflow development, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Markdown, HTML text, blog backend, podcasting backend, customer interactions and POS.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities//BA//Minneapolis, MN//2011-2015

Majors: Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

Minor: Studies in Cinema and Media Culture

Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Dean’s List 2014-2015, four time NIRCA All American

Relevant Courses: Intro Film Studies, Cinema and Ideology, On Television, New Media and Culture, Avant-Garde Cinema, Digital Filmmaking II, Topics--Make a Film, Creating the Performance, Intermediate Stage Direction